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Our workshops for job seekers, career transitioners, and business starters range in length from two hours to several days, depending on the depth of learning desired. As a standard process, every session includes discussion, solo or partner exercises, worksheets for home use and up-to-date statistics or industry data. We develop and test every piece of curriculum used in every workshop we present, to ensure the information is relevant, clear and helpful to the participants.


At Prototype’s offices

If you are in transition, sometimes the best service for you is a short, targeted session led by an expert for you and a small group of your peers.


Typical topics include two-hour sessions on structuring a job search; networking effectively; identifying and marketing workplace strengths; interviewing strategically; navigating age in job search; and starting a business.


We present these sessions two ways: on an ad hoc basis, usually after building a short waiting list of 3 or 4 people; and in a scheduled series of sessions every quarter. Rates are usually around $125 per person for a two-hour workshop.


To find out when the next sessions are scheduled, click here. Or, if you would like to be on a waiting list for a specific topic, just email or call us.


On-site for sponsoring agencies


Prototype trainers are out and about a lot on behalf of workforce centers, job clubs, dislocated worker programs, and any number of state agencies. If you hire us to lead workshops for your program, you can expect the following:


-highly skilled and experienced trainers, capable of managing the most challenging groups

-fresh, original and relevant material, with exercises scaled to the needs of the participants

-punctual, well-managed sessions that start and end on time

-accurate and timely paperwork, including marketing information, sign-ins and evaluations


Contact us directly to discuss your ideas, or to gather more information on topics and rates (including discounts for multiple sessions). We’d love to develop a session that specifically meets your needs!

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