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Just call this a lot of advice in a small package! Each 3x5 book zeroes in on a specific area of job search, giving practical information in an easy-to-read format. But don’t let the small size fool you. Each book is also fully indexed, and includes step-by-step exercises, examples, and a bibliography or resource list for further information. Authored by Amy Lindgren, a national expert in job search strategies.


The Pocket Job Series currently features these 7 titles:

1. Five Steps to Your Next Job 


ISBN 0963300822
Defines a simple strategy for sure-fire success. An excellent introduction to job search in today's market. Includes the job-seeker's timeline. 64 pages.

2. Resumes Etc.


ISBN 0963300849
Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for four styles of resumes. Plus: four sample cover letters, three sample follow-up letters, and an extensive practice application -- all in a workbook format with examples. 120 pages.

3. Cracking the Hidden Job Market


ISBN 0963300830
Identifies steps for reaching the unadvertised positions -- up to 95 percent of all jobs! Includes sample cold-calls, follow-up letters, contact sheets, calendars. 64 pages.

4. Job Interviews: 10 Steps to Success


ISBN 0963300865
A step-by-step process for succeeding in any interview. Includes salary negotiation, six interview styles, the four parts of an interview, and follow-up strategy. 64 pages

5. Job Search After 40: Selling to Your Strengths


ISBN 0963300873
With this job search strategy, "overqualified" becomes an advantage! Includes four ways to combat age bias, and facts and myths about "older" workers.

6. Financial Survival Between Jobs


ISBN 0963300857
Includes information on budgeting, dealing with creditors, making money quickly, and keeping an upbeat attitude. A "must" for the under-employed and recently unemployed.

7. Job Search Problem-Solving Companion


ISBN 096330088
Presents solutions for 27 job-search problems, including: setting goals, handling rejection, negotiating salary, managing stress, and maintaining a positive mental attitude. The 24-hour career counselor!


To Purchase

Each book costs just $3.95. Email or call to ask about our special discounts for bulk orders, which include mix-and-match options with books from the Making the Leap series.


All orders are subject to a shipping / handling fee. Minnesota state sales tax may also apply. Payment options include check, cash, Discover, Visa and MasterCard.

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