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Prototype Career Service is a small company that packs a big punch. Our team of staff and contract professionals includes counselors, trainers, writers, job developers and small business specialists – sometimes all in one person! Click here to read our staff bios.

Out and about

We connect to our local and professional communities on multiple levels, including talks, job club discussions, guest blogs and volunteering. To see more about these activities, click here

Newspaper columns and radio shows

Since 1995, Prototype founder Amy Lindgren has written a weekly employment column that appears in newspapers nationally. Amy also appears frequently on public radio shows, including Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) with host Kerri Miller. To learn more and to connect to archives of recent columns and radio shows, click here.


Prototype newsletter

We’re not always as consistent as we’d like to be, but we do create a semi-regular newsletter (mostly monthly) with employment tips and ideas for people in career or job transition. Click here to see a recent issue, or to sign up for future editions.


Driving directions to find us easily

Of course you have an app for that. But sometimes it helps to have someone just tell you how to get somewhere. Click here for easy-to-follow directions to our office from multiple starting points.


Stay in contact with us!

We’d like to know what you need. If you want to schedule an appointment, learn more about our services, or just comment on content in our web site, we hope you’ll send us an email or call. Click here for easy links to reach us directly.

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