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The resume is the single most important piece of documentation in your job search. It introduces you to the employer, gives networking contacts a tool to promote you, allows committees to evaluate your viability for a position … you simply cannot afford to be without a resume if you are looking for work. And you certainly can’t afford to have a poor resume!


At Prototype Career Service, we offer four packages for resume or CV development:


Standard Resume  - $445


Perhaps you need to freshen up an existing resume or maybe you want someone to make one cohesive document out of your folder full of job descriptions. When your project can be easily described and handed off via email, this is the package for you. Get your materials into our hands and we will create a clear and concise resume with a modern look. Like all our written products, this package includes fact checking, triple proofreading and lifetime archiving.


Enhanced Strategy Resume - $585


And then again…maybe your materials need some explaining, or perhaps you worry that you’re not presenting your most marketable strengths. This package includes a one-hour, in-person conversation with a resume strategist who will interview you to gather the “intangibles” that make a resume pop: personality attributes, notable projects, key achievements, etc. You’ll be surprised at how much detail comes out when a skilled resume writer asks you the questions employers also want answered.


C-Suite Resume - $985


If you’re a current or aspiring leader in your field, your resume needs to reflect that. At this stage, your resume challenge might be consolidating decades of experience into a brief but powerful demonstration of expertise. Or, perhaps you haven’t been acknowledged as the leader you are – you need a strategized resume product that works around such issues as job titles that don’t reflect your responsibilities, or a lack of training related to your hands-on experience. This resume package includes a longer, more comprehensive strategy session and typically results in a more complex finished product, incorporating multiple levels of information.


Resume Quick-Fix - $290


Whether it's an issue of budget or time, sometimes all you need is a quick set of improvements to bring your resume up a level. For this service, the Prototype Team will provide a full 90 minutes to identify and fix your resume's weak spots, whether that means writing, strategy, formatting - or all three. The finished product won't be perfect (that takes more time) but it will be much, much better. And sometimes, that's all you need!

Curriculum Vita (CV) - ask for a custom price quote


Academics, physicians and attorneys are just a few of the professionals who may be requested to submit a CV for open positions. At Prototype, we recommend a hybrid CV that incorporates some of the formatting and marketing features of a resume, while maintaining the length and detail of a traditional CV. This best-of-both-worlds product lets you direct the reader to the most important features of your work experience while also fulfilling the hiring committee’s request for a comprehensive work history. Candidates have told us that our CVs are some of the best ever seen by the committee members who interviewed them. This package includes an upfront meeting with a resume writer to gather information and strategize the best features to emphasize.

To get started on your project

Call or email us to schedule a resume meeting, or for help deciding which package fits your needs. Once you’re scheduled, we’ll ask you to send or bring all your materials pertaining to the project. Payment is required when the project is initiated, using check, cash, Visa, Discover or MasterCard.

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