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This series of guides is developed specifically to help special populations with their unique job search needs. Each book is a complete job search tool, and includes strategies for job search, interviews and outreach, as well as a sample resume and cover letter – all written to accommodate the special issues of the target audience. 24-30 pages each, 7x8.5, written by Amy Lindgren.


Job Search for Students – Created for graduating students of any age, this small book contains helpful articles on everything from goal-setting, to tips for keeping a new job, to steps for starting a summer business. A handy workbook for busy, soon-to-graduate students as well as those who have been out of school for awhile.


Job Search for Transitioning Military Personnel – Career strategies created for exiting service men and women, including what to do before being discharged, and a 5-step job search plan as a “new” civilian. Excellent as a gift or teaching tool for the returning soldier ready to make the leap into his or her next chapter.


NEW: Job Search for Survivors of Domestic Abuse – Whether one is currently involved in an abusive relationship or the abuse happened in the past, a common theme for survivors is the loss of power. Having a job provides the means for self-sufficiency and growth – and the return of personal efficacy. This book provides practical and simple job search steps in order to find work quickly.


NEW: Job Search with a Challenging Work History – Frequent job changes, gaps in employment, loss of work through termination…whatever the reason for a challenging work history, the path forward requires strategy and process. This guide addresses a broad range of practical steps including basic needs identification, interviewing techniques and a straightforward resume design.


To Purchase

Each book costs just $3.95. Email or call to ask about our special discounts for bulk orders, which include mix-and-match options with books from the Pocket Job Series.


All orders are subject to a shipping / handling fee. Minnesota state sales tax may also apply. Payment options include check, cash, Discover, Visa and MasterCard.

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