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At Prototype, we don’t just give presentations and workshops – we lead our field by creating new sessions that respond to the demands we’re seeing every day. For example, we were the first in our region to develop and lead Job Search on the Internet sessions (1997-1999, in partnership with the Science Museum of Minnesota). Likewise, we pioneered Job Search in Recovery sessions presented weekly for Hazelden’s Fellowship Club program (2002-2003), and we’ve been presenting material we research and develop on Navigating Age Issues in Job Search since 1992. Yes, sadly, age bias in the workplace has been a “thing” that long, and longer.


Those are tip-of-the-iceberg examples when it comes to the 60+ distinct topics we’ve developed and presented for job seekers and career transitioners – not to mention the dozens of sessions we’ve created for career practitioners, ranging from brown bag discussions to weeklong training programs earning certification units from local universities.


We’d love to create a training for your group of job seekers or career practitioners, or present one of our tried-and-true standards. To get started, contact us directly. In the meantime, you can click on the following links for more information about three types of sessions we typically lead.


Workshops – at Prototype and on-site for sponsoring agencies


Training Sessions for Career Practitioners


Presentations in the Community

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