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So far, so good – you have a job and you want to keep it! Even better, you’d like to thrive and grow in this position, and build a career for yourself. At Prototype, we’re not only job search experts – we’re job success experts. Let us help you reach your goals by offering timely advice when you need it. Some of the topics include:


-Succeeding in your first month, quarter, year on the job

-Preparing for an annual job review

-Strategizing for upward and lateral movement

-Creating stepping stones from one role to the next, or from one company to the next

-Learning to work across disciplines or inside silos

-Surviving a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan)

-Managing up – dealing with difficult bosses and hierarchy

-Building a professional reputation internally and externally

-Making use of professional associations



Each session is developed around your needs, and lasts for approximately 1-2 hours – although we strongly recommend two hours for the first session, to ensure enough time to develop an action plan and other strategies that will move you closer to your goals. Some of our clients are satisfied with one meeting and others choose to work closely with their counselor for the duration of their transition. We’re located in St. Paul, MN and enjoy meeting in-person whenever that’s convenient for our clients. But if distance is an issue, we’ll gladly conduct your sessions over the phone.



A Prototype counseling session costs $180 an hour (billed in 15-minute increments for only the time used). Although we recommend two hours for the first session, there are no pre-packaged or pre-paid requirements – you simply decide as you go along whether and when to meet with your counselor again. Payment is made at the time of each meeting, using check, cash, Visa, Discover or MasterCard.



To schedule a meeting, contact us by phone or email. We will work to find the most convenient time for your schedule, including evenings if you are not available during the day. We understand that your job search may be confidential; when leaving a message please provide a “safe” phone number or email address (typically not your employer’s phone or email!).

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