Amy Lindgren


President and founder of Prototype Career Service, Amy Lindgren writes a weekly employment column which appears in newspapers nationally. An expert job search strategist, Ms. Lindgren is the author of the Pocket Job Series set of books. She is also a frequent guest on public and commercial radio programs. In addition to being an accomplished writer and job search strategist, Ms. Lindgren is a sought-after speaker on topics of career and life management.

Prototype Career Service is committed to hiring and training the best team of career professionals to serve job-seekers and career-changers during their transitions. I am proud of our staff and affiliates, and pleased to introduce them to you. - Amy Lindgren, president of Prototype Career Service

Mary Rivard

As a Career Specialist at Prototype, Mary Rivard counsels new and transitioning workers as they enter or rejoin the workforce. She has more than 20 years of experience in counseling, has worked with clients of all ages, including college students, and most recently worked with dislocated workers at HIRED in their West St. Paul office. 

Mary earned her Master of Science degree in education, counseling, and guidance from Eastern Illinois University and went on to hold several program management positions in higher education, public, and non-profit sectors. These experiences shaped Mary's core belief that "hands on" learning helps people discover more about themselves and the goals they wish to pursue. Mary applies this principle to her work at Prototype.

Outside of her work, Mary enjoys an active lifestyle; she is a part-time fitness staff member and lifestyle coach with the YMCA where she has been a life long member. She helps support her Mom's care needs (Mom is a happy 93-year-old lady), volunteers for seniors in her community and relishes meeting new people of diverse backgrounds. One favorite quote of Mary's is by Maya Angelou who Mary was delighted to meet on two occasions: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Sami Sherratt

While Samantha Sherratt is responsible for outreach and social media marketing at Prototype, she is also one of the company’s talented utility players. In addition to managing the Prototype website and creating marketing materials, she also performs intake sessions for clients who come to Prototype for new resumes, and helps them conduct research and develop special materials for their job search campaigns.

Samantha graduated from St. Catherine University in the spring of 2017 with Honors and a degree in English and Spanish. Having spent a year in Mexico as part of her studies, she is fluent in Spanish and able to assist Spanish-speaking clients who may feel less comfortable with the English language. She also earned a certification in social media marketing from MCTC in the fall of 2017. In her free time, Samantha enjoys running, rock-climbing, and working on creative writing projects.

Sheila Simon

Sheila is a career specialist at Prototype with an extensive background in counseling and communication. Her primary role is guiding clients in job search and career transition processes, helping them identify the next steps they’ll take towards a fulfilling career.

Sheila earned her undergraduate degree in communication from the University of Minnesota in 1983; by 1993, she’d earned her Master’s in Theology with an emphasis in spirituality and a concentration in grief counseling from St. Catherine University. She then began her career as a grief counselor, using her natural ability to listen and help people explore who they are spiritually and emotionally and guide them towards a fulfilling life path. These skills have transferred to her role at Prototype as she helps clients discover the passions that get them up in the morning and the careers which best embody those passions.

Outside of work, Sheila enjoys participating in improvisational sketch comedy and storytelling. Her interests also include film and punk rock. In all, it is Sheila’s strong belief that a person’s career should be gratifying to their soul.