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ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS (letters, addenda, reference pages, portfolios)

You knew there was more to this than just the resume or LinkedIn page…if you need a hand with the extra documents involved in job search, Prototype can help.


Cover Letters and Additional Correspondence


You might need just one, expertly-crafted letter for the dream job that just came open. Or you may need dozens of letters, slightly customized, for a mass-market job search campaign. Perhaps you just want help fine-tuning a letter you have been using. Whatever your correspondence needs, our unique service acts like a personal assistant to help you conduct your job search effectively.


Yes, we write thank-you letters as well! And follow-up letters, networking letters, even letters of resignation and sorry-but-I’ve-received-a-better-offer letters. Rely on us for quick, confidential, well-written materials to help in every stage of your career.


All correspondence is billed at $160 an hour, charged in 15-minute increments. It’s safe to say that one letter will take one hour, but that the second letter will take less time. Even so, call or email us for an estimate for your project. Payment is required at the time of each service, using check, cash, Visa, Discover or MasterCard.




Addenda are additional pages that sometimes accompany a resume to highlight very specific information, such as special projects, international experience, articles published, or professional training sessions conducted. In most cases, this information comprises too much detail for the resume itself, but is still important for the employer to have. Addenda are often used by IT professionals, academics, workers with multiple career paths, or anyone whose work has involved complex projects. (By the way: Addenda is the plural, addendum is singular – Latin!)


To help you with addenda, Prototype will


-Determine if this is a good strategy for your documentation

-Write or edit the information and format it attractively

-Archive your addenda in both paper and electronic forms for convenient updates


Reference Pages


References are often overlooked or under-estimated in the job search process. These are people who have worked with you or supervised you. You may know them from classes, networking or volunteering. Some might be personal friends, neighbors, or members of your community. They can speak about you from personal experience, and they know about your personality or work abilities. Many employers will not make hiring decisions before talking with your references.


Be prepared and confident when prospective employers ask you for references. Early in your job search, let Prototype help you:


-Determine the optimal people to serve as your references

-Gather addresses, phone numbers and titles for your references

-Format reference information for professional presentation, electronically and in print

-Catalog a master list of references to create customized “mix and match” reference pages 




Portfolios are not just for artists. Any job seeker who has information with visual impact can benefit from arranging it in a portfolio for the interviewer to review. Examples of such information might include certificates of course completion, award certificates, letters of appreciation, photographs in a work setting, samples of work completed…the idea is to tell a story about you as a worker, using more than just words.


Prototype Career Service can advise you on steps to create an exciting print or electronic portfolio. Our services include:


-Determining how you might use a portfolio in your job search

-Helping you select the content for your portfolio

-Advising you on materials, layout and construction of your portfolio, including shortened leave-behinds

-Preparing you to use your portfolio effectively in an interview

Custom Writing Projects

What have we missed? If you have a business-related or career-related writing project that needs drafting, rewriting, editing, or polishing, just tell us.  Like our other writing services, custom writing work will be billed at $160 an hour. 




All work on correspondence, addenda, reference pages, portfolios and other custom writing projects is billed at $160 an hour, charged in 15-minute increments. (Call or email us for an estimate.)

Payment is required at the time of each service, using check, cash, Visa, Discover or MasterCard. 

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