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Job Search Topics

We are presenting 4 job search topics this summer. Each class is 2 hours in length ($125) followed by an optional lab with up to 2 hours of guided time to work on your job search ($25). Come to the workshop, to the lab, or both.


Click the REGISTER button below to access the registration page; click the PDF icon to access a calendar showing all available sessions.





Structuring Your Job Search for Success


When it comes to job search, structure is the key. Creativity and contacts are great, but not if you don’t implement a plan to use them well. In this session you will develop or fine-tune your own plan for job search success, after learning about these concepts:


• Job search strategies for when your schedule is crazy-busy or when you have nothing on your schedule at all

• Slo-mo job search plans for transitioning to new work over several months or a year

• Hurry-up job search strategies to get a job fast

• Plan A and Plan B job search processes

• Sleeper job search plans: Strategize now, implement later

• Monday-through-Friday job search schedules that leave most of the day free for other responsibilities


It’s like a fitness plan for your job search: Once you know what to do, the results start multiplying. Come learn how to structure your search for success so you can maximize the rewards for your effort.

Preparing for Any Kind of Interview


Ready for lunch? How about a tour of the facility? Maybe you’re losing sleep over an upcoming Skype or video chat, or perhaps you’re most concerned about that old-fashioned terror, the panel interview.


In this fast-paced session we’ll start with insider tips covering the 10 most common types of interviews.


Then you’ll develop your own key-message strategy to let you answer tough questions in any circumstance.

Remember: People hire people they like, and they most like the candidates who are confident, relaxed and knowledgeable. When you’re prepared for any kind of interview, you’re free to be the likeable candidate employers want to hire.

Networking Strategies that Fit Your Personal Style and Circumstances


Whatever your circumstances or style, there’s a networking solution for you. When 80% or more of jobs and promotions are linked to others speaking on your behalf, you can’t afford to ignore this aspect of career and job search strategy.


Come to learn a range of networking processes to suit any style or circumstances. We’ll spend the first part of our conversation learning about different tools and ideas for networking; then you’ll craft your own plan, with help from the trainer for the wording and approach.

Resumes, LinkedIn and Bios: Telling your career story


When it comes to your written materials, the difference between okay and amazing can be summed up in one word: Story. When you tell your story through your materials, others can picture you as part of their team.


In this fun and creative session you’ll learn about different tools for telling your career story, then take a hand in crafting key sections of your own resume, LinkedIn profile or professional biography. Bonus: You’ll be amazed at how much confidence you gain for other aspects of your job search (such as networking and interviewing) when you have words for your career story.

Job Search Lab


Do you have a cover letter to write? A company to research? Potential employers to contact? Get it done at Prototype’s Job Search Lab!


The Job Search Lab provides a focused environment to make progress in your job search. In this two-hour period you’ll have access to:


•  Prototype staff   •  Prototype resources, including blueprints for cover letters, articles that answer niggling job search questions, worksheets and more  •  The support of other job seekers  •  A quiet space free from the distractions of home or coffee shop


Whether you’re staying on after a workshop or coming to Prototype just for the lab, this is the perfect time and place to invest in your job search success.

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